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Welcome Legislative Chairs and Lobbyists!

This is your online agenda book. This easy-to-navigate manual gives you the tools and resources you’ll need to engage fully in our Roundtable dialogue over a day-and-a-half. Please come prepared to share and learn from other states’ experiences, hear about new issues, brainstorm and strategize on priority issues, and get re-energized for the 2015 legislative session year!

This year we’re giving intensive focus to three topics (1) Reproductive Health, (2) Midwives, and (3) Capacity Building, both in the full Roundtable and in concurrent breakout sessions. Please plan to attend one of these sessions. While devoting attention to your preferred breakout session, also complete the required reading for all other topics to make the most of our brief time together.

Reproductive Health Midwives Capacity Building

Medicaid Parity Substance Abuse Other Priority Issues

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